Zombies (Mode)Edit

Zombies Mode is an additional feature to Project 115 if the player chooses it within the main menu. This mode is unlocked by default or it was ment to be available anytime for the player


The objective of this game mode is to survive against unlimited waves of incoming zombies. As the waves progress, more zombies spawn, making it more difficult for the player. There are weapons and perks that the player can use to help survive even longer and make the high waves easier, although the player must pay the ammout of points that is required in order to be used.

Trivia Edit

  • These perk machines have the same models like perks in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.
  • The player is now able to get all perks at the same time.
  • Stamin Up replaced Double Tap Root Beer.
  • It is still possible to se the P_Start Script Error. Yet, this won't affect gameplay.