This page is about the final version of Project 115 - A New Threat

The Update Edit

Version 1.5, confirmed by Fabysk, is the official final version to Project 115 - A New Threat. It is also the conclusion of the two mod series. The reason for its conclusion was to focus on Fabysk's other mod, Zand Band.

Features Edit

In the forum thread, Fabysk stated that the update will include the following:

  • Nuketown Zombies returns. Same map layout, but most of the map is now accessable
  • 2 Fresh New Maps (Cancelled)
  • New Weapons
  • Brand New Character Preset Perks (Cancelled)

Software Rendering Version Edit

Project 115 - A New Threat will be getting a Software Rendering Version for those who can't play the mod on Open GL. This version will include the following:

  • Removal of All 3D Floors (Replaced by Transfer Heights)
  • Removal of All Particle Spawners
  • Removal of Fog
  • Same Brightness On All Maps
  • No Nuketown Zombies (OpenGL Exclusive)