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Stamin-Up is a perk in Project 115. This perk allows the player to run faster than before. The perk cost 2000 points upon purchase.


Nuketown Zombies - Not Included

Die Rise -  First Building, on the right side inside the elevator (requires power)

Mob of the Dead - Not Included

Eruption - Not Included

Buried - In front of the house in the underground part of the map next to the AN-94

Origins - Next to Generator 2

Aftermath - In the third part of the map after clearing the first debris

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Exo-Haste Edit

Exo-Haste is an Exo-Ability in Project 115 - A New Threat. This ability increases the players speed. Unlike Stamin-Up, Exo-Haste costs 1500 points upon purchase. This ability is useful to perform far jumps.

Locations Edit

Aeon City - Not Included

Virology Center - Not Included

Oklahoma Sky Tower - On the left side of the map near the center of the map

Claustrophobic Feelings - In the platform room next to the starting area

West Washington Exo-Suit Factory - In the laboratory near the TAC-19 shotgun

The Final Stand - On the far end of the map to the left

Bonus Map 1 - Not Included

Trivia Edit

Both Stamin-Up and Exo-Haste appear 4 times in different maps.

Exo-Haste does not make the player run really fast like how Stamin-Up did.