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Robert HarrisEdit

| Appears in: Project 115
| Age: 24(during the war) 25(after the war)
| Affiliations: Militia Blue(retired) 
  Phoebe Hernandez(Wife)
  Daniel Harris(Father: Deceased)
  Unknown Mother(Possibly dead or missing)
  Richtoffen(controled his mind and Robert was on his side)
| Race: American
| Status: alive(fighting against the zombies)

Robert Harris is the main and playable character in Project 115. He retired from Militia Blue after the explosion, since the Militia Blue Base was one of the 115 Rocket targets.

Roberts Biography was found within the coding of the game. It seems that it was cut out. Most of the info was told by Fabysk (the creator).


Early LifeEdit

Robert Harris was born on May 5, 2025. He went Ember Jackson Elementary from grades 1st - 6th. During his high school years at Graces Memorial High School, Robert usually got bullied from lunch money. A few weeks later, he came back to the student that bullied him and gets kicked out due to a huge fight. Roberts father, Daniel Harris who was in Militia Blue, home schooled Robert.

Before Joining Militia BlueEdit

About 3 weeks before Robert decides to join Militia Blue, Daniel was dying due to heart disease from Element 115. From here, Robert is now living alone. He then decides to join Militia Blue for his dead father.

After the war/explosionEdit

After the player has determined one of the two actions in the final mission. Robert is with Phoebe Hernandez inside an abandoned house with Steve in the year 2051.