Some information may not be true. This mod is still in development.

Project 115 - Despair Wallpaper

"Jason Milito joins forces with a stranger who was a former member of The Walking Flesh Organization to stop the Source."

- Description of the mod.

About Edit

Project 115 - Despair is an upcoming mod and the third installment of the series. As confirmed, this is the last mod of the series. Concluding and connecting all the points that were left hanging in the first and second Project 115. The mod is set to be released June 22, 2018.

Gameplay Edit

From the Survival Mode Teaser, the player is set on the ground eliminating zombies. There appears to be no Exo-Suits this time. PowerGums are returning as well as Perks from the first Project 115. Perks to return are Quick Revive and Juggernog. The cut perk Deadshot Daiquiri from the first Project 115 is finally making an appearance and a new green colored perk. It is unknown what this perk does.