For the similar map name, see Nuketown Zombies.


Information Edit

Nuketown Zombies is a re-imagined map of the original Nuketown Zombies from Project 115. The Exo-Jumping Ability allows the player to access more areas than what the original map offered, such as the roofs, outside the map, and vehicles. As stated by Fabysk, this map is similar to Aeon City, but with Exo-Abilities.

Accessing Out of the Map Edit

Unlike the original Nuketown Zombies, the player can now get out of the map boundaries. When doing so, 8 pillars will start to fire Revenant Tracers at the player. The Tracers speed is really high and will always follow the player's movement. The Tracers are so fast that it forces the player to return inside the boundaries the map. The best time of surviving outside the boundaries is 12 seconds by Fabysk. When the player returns in the boundaries, the Tracers will still follow the player until the player finds cover. This can make gameplay harder, as such areas can be filled with enemies, making it harder for the player to find cover.