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Juggernog is a perk within Project 115. This perk reduces the damage taken by the player. It has a red appearance. This perks cost 2500 points upon purchase. Juggernog is, by far, the best perk. Juggernog is in all maps, except Nuketown Zombies and Eruption.


Nuketown Zombies - Not Included

Die Rise - Third Building on the top floor

Mob of the Dead - Outside near the dock

Eruption - Not Included

Buried - Between the 2 buildings upon entering the underground part of the map

Origins - Next to Generator 4 near the portal to the Other Mind State

Aftermath - Second to last accessible area on the right upon entering

Exo-Resistance Edit

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Exo-Resistance is an Exo-Suit ability in Project 115 - A New Threat. It halves the damage taken by the player. Unlike Juggernog from Project 115, Exo-Resistance costs 1500 points upon purchase. Exo-Resistance marks as one of the best abilities to use on very high rounds, along with Exo-Overclock.

Locations Edit

Aeon City - Not Included

Virology Center - Not Included

Oklahoma Sky Tower - Left side on the map near the AK-12

Claustrophobic Feelings - On the opposite end of the map in the acid room

West Washington Exo-Suit Factory - Second floor near the Weapon Supply Crate

The Final Stand - Inside the restaurant on the left side of the map

Bonus Map 1 - Not Included