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"Watch your step! Fight the undead in 3 skyscrapers, where tight corners, upsidedown rooms, and dizzying hights make a deadly combination."

Die Rise map description.

Map Information: Edit

  • Previous Map: Nuketown Zombies(Chronologically)
  • Next Map: Mob of the Dead (In Game and Chronologically)
  • Charachters: Misty, Marlton, Russman, and Stuhlinger
  • Place: Skyscrapers (Theme) Escaping Christian (Story)
  • Enemies: Zombies
  • Console Command: Changemap Map03 or Map Map03

Die RiseEdit

Die Rise is the second map in Project 115. It is similar to Black Ops 2's Die Rise map, but with minor changes due to zombie spawns and decoration. This is the first map when perks are included. Navigating around the map is quite risky due to making the player commit dangerous falls and jumps to access new areas. Even though the player can jump to new areas, doors still need to be purchased to get through the entire map. There also elevators that the play can get on to reach a floor without taking fall damage. The elevators take a while to travel and to start moving up or down. If the player does not notice the elevator there, the player can fall down the elevator shaft and be killed due to massive falling damage. Juggernog can not save the player in this situation. There also openings in the wall that the player can fall through out of the map and fall to their death. Die Rise is generally a close quarters map, so snipers are not favorable here. The SVU-AS and the AN-94 now appear as an off the wall weapon. This is also the first map where there is only 1 wall weapon in the starting room (The following maps also have one wall weapon).


FAL-OSW [500 points] - Starting Room

PDW-57 [1000 points] - Bottom Floor of the starting/1st building

B23R [1000 points] - Shopping Center, bottom floor west side of the starting/1st building

SVU-AS [1200 points] - West part of the second building top floor

Galvaknuckles [6000 points] - Second Building inside the elevator shaft before going down

AN-94 [1200 points] - Second Building on the right, after exiting the elevator shaft

Remington 870 MCS [1500 points] - Third Building, near Blood Rush

Mystery Box [950] - Shopping Center, bottom floor west side of the starting/1st building

Pack-a-Punch [5000 points] - In the third building top floor


Quick Revive [1500 points] - In the first Building, down the hall to the right inside the elevator (requires power)

Stamin-Up [2000 points] - In the first Building, on the right side inside the elevator (requires power)

Vulture Aid [3000 points] - In the second Building, bottom floor in the up side down hallway (requires power)

Blood Rush [3000 points] - In the third Building, near to the Remington 870 MCS

Juggernog [2500 points] - In the third Building, top floor


  • When in the upside down building, the AN-94 outline appears upside down as well. This does not apply to the Galvaknuckles and the SVU-AS.
  • The ACS code for the shield is still in the map, but not accessible. Acquiring the shield through the console, the player can exploit certain points of the map. Most notable is along the edges of holes in the wall so zombies can not touch the player.
  • There are a couple of bugs on this map due to map decorations. Most notable is getting stuck going down the elevator shaft in the second building.
  • When going down the slides, if the player jumps and goes to the slides, the player can get stuck. Moving around will get the player unstuck.

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